Instructions to sign in

In order to sign in and proceed with web attendance via live streaming you are just a few simple steps. See below
Note before starting: All registered delegates should use the email account that was used during their registration!
If you haven’t registered yet, you can proceed by clicking here
1. Click LOGIN at the left top section of your monitor. 
2. Use the same email account that you have registered.
3. Click submit.
4. Check your inbox, you will get the password. 
5. Paste password into the login section.
You are ONLINE, enjoy the conference proceedings. 

Something useful to remember:

  • If you will use the same device to attend the conference log in credentials (password) will be saved and you won’t have to request a new password.
  • In case you’ll use different device, or access live streaming streaming via different browser or you’re using private mode while in web, you’ll have to log in with the procedure as you did in the beginning, the system will ask for a new password. 

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