E-Poster Presentation Guideline

Electronic poster (e-poster) presentations will be available for viewing online and on-site during the conference days. However, e-posters will not be scheduled, rather, they can be viewed and discussed during the breaks. E-posters for those who will attend physical will be available at the conference’s hall foyer.


Last day to submit your e-poster file presentation is April 11, 2022, with no exceptions.

E-poster Format

  • You can either submit your e-poster as a single slide or as of multiple slides.
  • You may use the sample template below as a starting point when making your e-poster.
  • You should have in mind that a well constructed poster, must be clear, concise achieving at the same time clarity and content.
  • The preferred format is 16:9 (25,4cmW and 14,3cmH)
Follow the instructions below for guidance.
  • Recommended fonts: Arial Calibri, Times New Roman with 28 pt minimum.
  • Make sure that are readable from a distance.
  • Provide clear headings.
  • Remember to use light – coloured fonts on dark backgrounds and dark – colored fonts on a light background.
  • If you make use of multimedia please remember that they should be in medium to high resolution.
  • Recommended videos file types: mov, mp4, mpeg
  • Sound is not permitted due to the open area that e-posters will be presented.
  • If you wish to add slide transitions, add smooth transitions to help flow.
  • Instead of hyperlinks, try a QR code into your presentation that will direct to a website that contains more information about your poster and research.


Sample Template


Submit your e-poster

Heads up! The e-poster that may contain external media (photo, video, charts or any other multimedia) should be prepared in a single file on your desktop. The whole file should be emailed. In any there case if you sent a single powerpoint the external media sources will be “broken”.
Large file? You should sent the file(s) to abstracts@ioptmh2022.com via a file transfer service such as

Technical Support

If you still cannot find the answer to your question, sent us an email at abstracts@ioptmh2022.com and someone from our team will get back to you promptly.