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May 2022


Physiotherapy in Mental Health;
What’s next?

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About the 9th IOPTMH 2022

The 9th IOPTMH 2022  is  the biannual  conference  of the International Organisation of Physical Therapy in Mental Health (IOPTMH). Responsible for its organization is  the IOPTMH with the cooperation of the Greek Scientific section “Physiotherapy in mental health”  of PanHellenic Physiotherapist’s Association and IOPTMH.

This year, the topic of the conference is «Physiotherapy in mental health; What’s next?»


Access the latest scientific data


Meet with other physiotherapists around the world thus gaining a global perspective on their specialty


Engage in high-level debates and refine your ideas


Visit Athens, the city of Socrates, Pericles and Aristotle but also a bustling and cosmopolitan metropolis which is among the most beautiful, hospitable and exciting cities in Europe and most affordable as well.

Why should Attend
9th IOPTMH 2022 Conference

If it is the access of the latest scientific data in Physiotherapy in mental health  and  visit of one of the most beautiful, hospitable  and exciting cities in Europe with great history that you are looking for.

Save your seat for the most exciting conference in physiotherapy in mental health

Under the present circumstances (COVID-19 era and the war in Ukraine) the Chair of the organizing committee has decided to keep the early registration fee until May 3, 2022. Read more here 

Indicative Topics that we will discuss


New Technologies

Chronic Pain

Prescribing the therapeutic exercise

Physiotherapy in mental health for the elderly

Treating individuals with comorbid mental health problems

Improving adherence to physiotherapy in mental health

Organic, including symptomatic, mental disorders (ICD F10-F19)

Mental and behavioural disorders due to psychoactive substance use (ICD F10-F19)

Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders (F20-F29)

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