Welcome Letter by Organizing Committee

Dear Colleagues,

Isocrates -not Socrates-, one of the most important orators of Classical Greece, who lived in Athens from 436 to 338 BC, stated that:

Πειρώ τω μεν σώματι είναι φιλόπονος, τη δε ψυχή φιλόσοφος.
(You should try to be diligent about the body and a philosopher about the soul).

As Chairman of the Organizing Committee of IOPTMH 2022 conference and on behalf of the Greek scientific section “Physiotherapy in mental health” of PanHellenic Physiotherapists’ Association, it is my great pleasure to invite you all in Athens, Greece in May 4-6, 2022.

It is the biannual conference of the International Organization of Physical Therapy in Mental Health (IOPTMH), in which we will try to answer the question: “Physiotherapy in mental health; What’s next?”.

Our highly qualified scientific program, the reputable presenters and the venue altogether form a powerful motivation for both physiotherapists and other mental health professionals to attend the conference.

The 9th Edition will be carried out in a hybrid manner (physical presence & online monitoring) in full harmonization with the Greek Ministerial Decisions and the applicable Health Protocols for holding conferences due COVID-19.

You are all warmly welcome to Athens, the place that dialectical science was developed, to share your ideas, your questions, but above all to share our state of the art knowledge of physical therapy in mental health.

Yours truly, 

Stavros Stathopoulos
Chair of Organising Committee
Coordinator of the Greek scientific section “Physiotherapy in mental health”

Welcome Letter by Scientific Committee

On behalf of the Scientific Committee, I am delighted to invite all of the academicians, researchers, clinical physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and other health professionals to attend the 9th IOPTMH conference in Athens, Greece, May 4-6, 2022.

The theme of this year, “Physiotherapy in mental health; what’s next?”, aims to share an insight into the higher-quality studies in this field, as well as to focus attention on recommendations, future trends and needs. It will also assist clinical physiotherapists to improve their knowledge by linking research and evidence-based practice, thus enabling them to provide their clients with high-quality services.

The current conference is characterised by many innovations such as:

  1. Invitation through Google Forms. It enables professionals to express their interest in participating as speakers, assisting us to develop the scientific program in a more targeted way.
  2. The proposed fields are primarily based on ICD-10, according to WHO’s suggestions. We believe that the remaining fields will be the foundation for promoting new ideas and strengthening the role of physiotherapists in treating the mentally ill.
  3. The “voice of patients” will acquaint us with the beliefs and experiences of individuals suffering from mental disorders enhancing person-centred care.
  4. The hybrid manner (physical presence and online monitoring) of the conference will help remote speakers and interested colleagues, who will not be able to travel to Athens that period, to participate and to connect to the global community.

For all the above reasons, I expect mass participation. Once again, I am delighted to invite you all to take part in this conference, submit your project until December 15th, 2021 and contribute to the conference’s grand success!

I look forward to seeing all of you next year in Athens and sharing new knowledge with us!


Dr. Theodoros Chatzidamianos
Physiotherapist, MSc, PhD
Chair of  IOPTMH 2022 Scientific Committee

Opening greeting by the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy

The 9th hybrid Conference organized by the International Organization of Physical Therapy in Mental Health will be held in Athens under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy. On behalf of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs I would like to offer to all participants a warm welcome.

In the post-COVID19 era, mental health will challenge the scientific community. Therefore, we support the idea of networking between Greek scientists from Greece and abroad, by starting with participating and sharing knowledge in this Conference.

Prof. John Chrysoulakis
Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy