Michel Probst, PT, PhD, Prof. (Belgium)

09:45 - 10:30 (EEST Athens Zone)

Thursday May 5, 2022

Physiotherapy guidelines for patients with eating disorders.

Code: WKS-03

Physiotherapy is often overlooked as an adjunctive treatment for patients with eating disorders. However, the integration of physiotherapy is based on the physiotherapists’ experience in both the body and the body in movement, two important issues integral to eating disorder pathology. This presentation presents practical guidelines for physiotherapeutic management in eating disorder, recommendations based upon more than 35 years of clinical experience and the evidence based research. More concrete: information will be given concerning anamnesis, assessment and therapy in adolescents and adults. Besides the physical approach (= musculoskeletal consequences), attention is given to curb the negative attitude towards their own body into more positive one and to manage the use of excessive exercise. Mirror exercises based on habituation training is also integrated in the workshop.

Venue: Crowne Plaza Athens Hotel
Hall: Ballroom
Attendance: physical and via live streaming
Equipment: No equipment